bEARTHday Party!

Izzy’s first birthday happens to be this Earth Day, April 22. In honor of these two momentous occasions, we’re sharing some Izzy newness along with some zero waste goodies–because what’s a bEARTHday without some party favors?

Happy bEARTHday


As the world’s first zero waste beauty brand, Izzy has made a name for itself with a clean, cruelty-free and luxurious Zero Waste Mascara and Zero Waste Glossy Lip Butter that are 100% reusable, 100% recyclable, 100% certified CarbonNeutral®, and 100% gorgeous. 

To make our bEARTHday even more special, we’re expanding our product line with the launch of Izzy Zero Waste Brow Gel on April 22! Formulated in four shades with nourishing linden tree extracts and volumizing pea peptides, this one-and-done sculpting brow gel thickens, shapes and holds in a single swipe. 


Our bEARTHday party favors create zero waste and make the world a more sustainable place. 

  • The handwoven reusable produce bags are filled with misfit fruits and veggies, which are normally discarded even though they taste just as sweet as the prettier produce that you see in grocery stores. 
  • The hand towels are a sustainable alternative to paper towels that you can use and reuse when washing your misfit produce.
  • The sweet and nutritious green bEARTHday Beauty Juice from OM NYC comes in a glass bottle that you can wash and repurpose for water, smoothies, iced coffee, or your favorite cold bevvy! 

Curious? Learn more about Izzy Zero Waste Beauty and shop our entire line.